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Christian Social Action Committee

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Statement from Rev. Dolberry, Chair of BCAMEC Christian Social Action Committee


We cannot stress the importance of our vote, our voice, especially in this upcoming midterm election. At the very core of our vote this year is democracy.  At the core of democracy is our right to choose.  Even God gives us the right to choose to accept or decline His grace of salvation. There are many nominees for offices across this nation, including Michigan,  who if elected, will overrule the people’s choice and declare the loser the winner. January 6th was just a dress rehearsal. It was nothing compared to what could happen if we lose our democracy. Roe V Wade was just the beginning of overturning the law of the land.  It will get worse. Please vote for those who uphold the virtues of democracy, justice, righteousness, peace, and love & compassion for the least of these. Please vote for those who have a heart to build instead of tear down. Of course, please pray that democracy will be the winner in this election. And when you get up off your knees, consider volunteering to promote the vote for democracy. Let’s choose to build a stronger democracy, stronger community, a stronger state and a stronger country, to the glory and honor of our God!

Official Washtenaw County Election Results

Photo Directory of Elected Officials

Click here for Michigan House Photo Directory

Click here for Michigan Senate Photo Directory

Online Links to Voter Resources



State of Michigan


Ypsi Can I share?

See your ballot along with (possible) video of candidate. Site created by Gail Summerhill, a 2022 recipient of a community grant from BC.


Access to 10/16/22 presentation on voter information:


League of Women Voters


Ballot Proposals and Election Process


Ypsilanti Mayoral and Ward 3 Candidates Forum


Videos of additional candidate forums


Women Lawyer Association of Women

They rate the judicial candidates.





MiDems offer several opportunities to promote the vote


Michigan Republican Party offer opportunities to promote the vote


State of Michigan Video Recordings

Voter Registration Crash Course:


Absentee Voting Crash Course:


Voting at Your Polling Place:


Why aren’t Michigan election results available when the polls close?


Your Vote Counts: Michigan Elections 101


How do we know Michigan Elections are Secure?

Proposal Information


Keep in mind, if you don’t find any information on a candidate from the above websites, you can always do an internet search for it.

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